Posted by: alexchap30 | March 1, 2013

Cracking Beat

One of the topics I got to thinking about this evening was old school commercials, and what made them memorable. When I went to youtube I first thought to search for basketball commercials. I liked what I found, and decided to ride that wave.

After a handful of good but not great ads I saw a suggested video that I remembered and was happy to see again. The ad was from Nike and highlighted their new built for speed sneaker model. The ad is based around several elite NBA point guards doing battle in these shoes. There are also several weekend warriors reaching new hei

ghts while wearing Nike shoes.

What I like about the ad is the in your face attitude that it portrays and the sweet song playing in the background. While I will leave the attitude part alone for the time being, attitude and style being highly subjective, I will focus more on the song in the commercial.

The song that I will look at is called The Battle and is produced by a hip hop group called The Neptunes. The Neptunes are a hip hop group renowned for their amazing beats and ability to adapt to the times. The song highlights the talent of The Neptunes as it adds to the commercial but does not overshadow it.

Below are a few ways to enjoy this beat/ commercial.

1) Nike Battle Commercial (link)

2) Neptunes- Battle Theme (link)



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